About us

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on flow
of body movement controlled by mindfulness.
Using a combination of mat and apparatus
exercises the participant increases flexibility and
strength of the deep skeletal muscles in the
abdominal, back and pelvic areas – our “Core”
which encourages better posture and movement
of the body.
The strength of the “Core” is important for our
stability with simple tasks as standing and walking
as well as in our more complex tasks such as
sporting events. Pilates focuses on the “Core”
strength with the goal of increasing overall
strength, as we are only as strong as our weakest
muscles. Thus, the strength of the “Core” results
in an increase in overall strength.
In the mid 1900’s, Joseph Pilates introduced his
exercise program – termed Contrology – to the
dance community in New York. Over the years
not only have the dancers benefited but also,
now with widespread instruction, everyone has
an opportunity to develop strength and flexibility
– as opposed to strength or flexibility. Mr.
Pilates believed that, “The proper functioning of
your own body is the direct result of the
assembled Contrology exercises that produce a
harmonious structure we term physical fitness
reflecting itself in a coordinated and balanced
tri-part unity of body, mind and spirit.” 1 Through
evolution of this exercise form Contrology has
become “Pilates” in recognition of Joseph H. Pilates, the