About us

KARIN  DE BENEDETTI   Certified Pilates Instructor

Throughout my career in Sports Medicine I have come to believe
that we can achieve any goal that we choose.  With an open mind, the
willingness to listen, creativity and flexibility, I will work with you to
help you obtain your goals.

Given my enthusiastic approach to teaching – through education, example
and encouragement – Pilates offers the opportunity for me to reach out to
anyone wanting to enhance their quality of life.  Pilates’ exercises can
improve your energy level, athletic performance and overall body functioning.

My past experience is extensive. I have worked as a Certified Athletic
Trainer for many well known organizations and events, including:

The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Boulder, Colorado
The Carpenter/Phinney Bike Camps
The1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia
The USA Hockey Federation

My education includes an MBA in Operations Management, M.A in Exercise Science,
a B.S. in Sports Medicine and Jean Claude West workshop training.

I will apply my enthusiasm, experience, and education to your specific goals,
enabling you to live a more enhanced, active and balanced lifestyle, progress
through a healthy and strong rehabilitation, or to strengthen your body to
protect against injury.